Albergo-hotel Chalet sul lago Albergo-hotel Chalet sul lago

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Nature surrounding the hotel.

Here are some photos to get an idea of the beauty and richness of nature and fauna of our mountains; near the Hotel Chalet sul lago: Lake Grande -below the Chalet sul lago-; Lake Foppa -300 meters from us-; Lake Arpone -an hour and 20 minutes walk-; Lake Bianco -an hour and a half walk from the dam-; Lake Della Vecchia- three hours walk from Bar Cenisio-; Lake of Moncenisio -can also be easily reached by car or walk-; Lake San Giorgio or Roterel -an hour and 40 minutes walk-; Lake of Savine -an hour and 45 minutes from Piccolo Moncenisio-. Some local animals: Eagle; Roe deer; Deer; Boar; Weasel; Royal Owl; Wolf; Marmot; Badger; Fox. Among the other animals that you may encounter are the Chamois, the Ibex, etc...

Viewing and animals

Lago Grande di Moncenisio
Lake Grande 1/37
Lago Grande di Moncenisio
Lake Grande 2/37
Lago Grande
Lake Grande 3/37
Lago Grande
Lake Grande 4/37
Lago Grande
Lake Grande 5/37
Lago Grande (in autunno)
Lake Grande -autumn- 6/37
Lago Grande
Lake Grande 7/37
Lago Grande (in autunno)
Lake Grande -autumn- 8/37
Lago Grande
Lake Grande 9/37
Lago Grande (con lo Chalet sullo sfondo)
Lake Grande -Chalet in the background- 10/37
Lago Grande
Lake Grande 11/37
Lago Grande (in autunno)
Lake Grande -autumn- 12/37
Lago Grande (in inverno)
Lake Grande -winter- 13/37
Lago Grande (in inverno)
Lake Grande -winter- 14/37
Lago Foppa
Lake Foppa 15/37
Lago Foppa
Lake Foppa 16/37
Lago Arpone
Lake Arpone 17/37
Lago Arpone
Lake Arpone 18/37
Lago Bianco
Lake Bianco 19/37
Lago Della Vecchia
Lake Della Vecchia 20/37
Lago Del Moncenisio (in inverno)
Lake of Moncenisio -winter- 21/37
Lago Del Moncenisio (la Piramide)
Lake of Moncenisio -pyramid- 22/37
Lago Del Moncenisio
Lake of Moncenisio 23/37
Lago Del Moncenisio (la diga)
Lake of Moncenisio -the dam- 24/37
Lago San Giorgio (Roterel)
Lake San Giorgio/Roterel 25/37
Lago San Giorgio (Roterel)
Lago San Giorgio/Roterel 26/37
Lago Delle Savine
Lake of Savine 27/37
L'Aquila Reale
Royal Eagle 28/37
Il capriolo
Roe deer 29/37
Il Cervo
Deer 30/37
Il Cinghiale
Boar 31/37
La Donnola
Weasel 32/37
Il Gufo Reale
Royal Owl 33/37
Lupo (Cucciolo)
Wolf -puppy- 34/37
La Marmotta
Marmot 35/37
Il Tasso
Badger 36/37
Volpe (Cucciolo)
Fox -puppy- 37/37
Hotel albergo in Piemonte, le camere

Along the many trails that surround us, you can enjoy other beautiful views with breathtaking views, alpine lakes and mountain views. You will find many other images -for example images of the country of Moncenisio, panoramic views, internal images of the Hotel, restaurant- in the various pages of the site.