Hotel, restaurant, bed and breakfast to Mont Cenis, near Turin
The Hotel, for your holiday to the lake in the mountains (Piedmont)

The holidays in the winter season
at the Chalet sul lago??
For all tastes!!

White week in mountain

The Chalet sul lago in the winter season, offers different activities for a white week, or even just a few days in the mountains, in a breathtaking nature. For all tastes: from a romantic weekend to a full immersion in winter activities. Although not directly on the ski slopes, it is an excellent starting point for the slopes. At 15 minutes from the hotel is the entrance of the highway that leads close to the ski slopes by providing a handy way to take guests to ski on the most beautiful Olympic slopes. The hotel is favored by the location not far from the ski place for excellence. Tourists are so sure that the small disturbance to going on the slopes will be compensated by the beauty of the place, nestled among the most beautiful mountains of Piedmont, the guest, on his return, a structure and an especially mountainous nature of beauty is difficult to compare to only skiing place. We are less than an hour from Turin (Piedmont). The hotel in addition to offering a romantic weekend, is inserted in a mountain village still untouched, for the most dynamic person, offers the opportunity to undertake interesting and fun activities:

Snowshoes and climbing arrampicata on moutain near Turin

at 15 minutes, a school sleddog teaches to stand on a sled pulled by a pack of beautiful dogs, ski alpinistic for the daredevils who can try to ski on mountain still uncontaminated, cross-country skiing in a ring at 10 minutes from the hotel; hiking with snowshoes, in will, in the various mountain trails surrounded by nature, climbing ice falls for to off limits people.

Ski and sleed dog to Piedmont

In the evening, after returning, the tourist will find the warmth and caring staff ready to do their utmost to pamper guests. Sitting at the table by candle lightin in a dining room with a beautiful view of the lake, lit by a suggestive light, that emphasizes the beauty of a snowy mountain landscape. Tasting the famous dishes of Mrs. Anna ...